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Your Bridal Set by Piano Wars!

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With Piano Wars!, you can rest easy and enjoy your big night knowing that everything will go exactly as you designed it with our personalized Wedding Entertainment Plan. 

Over 25 years of wedding entertainment experience has taught us how to deliver the most memorable and fun reception possible, along with the expertise to ensure that everything runs smoothly, worry-free and on schedule. 

First comes MP3 cocktail music, after which we'll announce your grand entrance and cake cutting.  Next come your toasts, dinner blessing and MP3 dinner music.  After dinner, we'll emcee any traditional or non-traditional wedding events you choose, such as the bride and groom's first dance, bridal party dance, mother/son and father/daughter dances, anniversary dance, dollar dance, bouquet removal, bouquet throw and garter toss, all accompanied by the music you love. 

Then comes the main ingredient: an exciting, engaging, dueling pianos music & dance party.  It's fun, spontaneous and personalized to your event.   We'll top off your entertainment package with our DJ dance party --  and a selection of thousands of songs in virtually any style from every decade imaginable -- so you and your guests can dance all night to everybody's favorite music.

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Dueling pianos Wedding Reception Dueling Pianos Plus DJ Dance Entertainment dueling piano wedding reception dueling pianos wedding entertainment dueling piano wedding entertainment

Your wedding can be as traditional or as modern as you like, and can include any of the following:

●  Entertainment Planning

●  Vendor Coordination

●  Emcee Services

●  Cocktail Music

●  Bridal Party Grand Entrance

●  Bride & Groom's Entrance

●  Cake Cutting Music

●  Toasts

●  Dinner Blessing

●  Dinner Music

●  Your Dinner Slide Show

●  Bride & Groom's 1st Dance

●  Bridal Party Dance

●  Father / Daughter Dance

●  Mother / Son Dance

●  Anniversary Dance

●  Dollar Dance

●  Garter Removal

●  Bouquet Throw

●  Garter Throw 

●  Dueling Pianos

●  DJ Dance Party

●  Bride & Groom's Last Dance